Brands We Repair

We didn’t become the top appliance repair service in Holland by twiddling our thumbs! We have spent many years servicing every make and model of household appliances. We also have kept up with all of the new technological developments so that we can offer the best service possible. Here are some of the brands that we service:



This world-renowned corporation has dabbled in many sectors, including finance, healthcare, and power. They also supply one of the world’s leading appliance brands. Over a century and a half, they have focused on innovating and creating new products that will positively impact your life. Some of their appliances include refrigerators that brew coffee and self-cleaning ovens. They have a wide array of household appliances, from washers and dryers to heaters.



Samsung has also dabbled in many sectors, but this Korean powerhouse is known primarily for its electronics. Besides cell phones and other electronics, they also manufacture vacuums, air conditioners, and ovens.



Based in the UK, this appliance brand’s motto is to make your home life easier and more enjoyable. With over nine hundred licensed products submitted each year, they are not just releasing gimmicks onto the market. They are making a difference in the world of appliances. Quality and aesthetics are their top priorities.



Their biggest concern is making life enjoyable for you and your household. Their products will lend you a hand in the kitchen, keep your home clean and get your laundry done in record time. They sell everything from washers and refrigerators to air conditioners and vacuums.



A definable quality of Maytag appliances is their ten-year warranty. This speaks volumes as to the quality of their appliances. They also work with only a select few repair services, including ours. The main appliances they release are kitchen appliances, as well as washers and dryers.



This company has been manufacturing quality household appliances for over one hundred years. Their appliances are known for their performance and proficiency. Any household appliance you can think, Kenmore manufactures and produces.



This appliance brand, a branch of the Middleby Corporation, produces the largest array of kitchen appliances. Their products used to be exclusive to restaurants. But now, they are being introduced into your household. They release everything from ovens and refrigerators to cooktops and ice machines.



When top performance meets with incredible style, you get Frigidaire products. They offer many refrigerator types, including French-door and compact. They also offer a wide array of stoves, including electric and gas. Dryers, air conditioners, and laundry centers are also a part of their long list of products.


No matter the brand of household appliance that you own, they will eventually break down and need repairing. Call Nick’s Appliance Repair service and we’ll be able to get your household appliances back in top shape. Call us today to set up an appointment.