Dishwasher Repair

Let’s be real! No one wants to spend time scrubbing dirty dishes by hand. Dishwashers save us time and effort when it comes to keeping our dishes clean. When it starts to experience problems, we understand how inconvenient it is. If you live in Holland, MI then gives Nick’s Appliance Repair a call. We will send one of our technicians to your house and repair your dishwasher. Our team is made up of certified technicians who have years of experience repairing dishwashers. They have worked with every brand and model on the current market.

What’s even better is that they will present you with a fair price, without any hidden charges. We also offer top-quality maintenance services, which adds years to your appliance’s life.


Why is it Breaking Down?

There could be many reasons for your dishwasher to be malfunctioning. It could be anything from a defective heating element to a worn pump that needs to be replaced. Dishwashers have many moving parts, and, because of that, it makes diagnosing an issue a lot more difficult. This is why DIY repairs are not recommended. If you don’t have the proper knowledge about your appliance, then you risk causing more damage and accruing more costs.

The professional services that Nicks’ Appliance Repair offers will save you time and effort when it comes to repairing your appliances.


Symptoms that your Dishwasher Needs Repairing


Dishwasher Won’t Drain

If you put too many unrinsed dishes into the machine, then food particles and other debris can block the drain screen. A simple cleaning will usually solve this problem. If the drain isn’t the issue, then the pump or drainpipe may need servicing.


Loud, Scary Noises

If you hear any noises coming from the dishwasher that are completely out of the ordinary, then you may need to replace the housing. When it comes to replacement parts, you should leave the job to the professionals. You should also call us if the machine turns off after the noises start. The motor needs immediate replacing.



Running for Way Too Long or Doing a Bad Cleaning Job

If the cycles are lasting a long time, the timer or thermostat may need to be looked at. If you notice that your dishes are coming out still dirty, then you need to replace the impeller or the heating element.


Filling Up Too Much or too Little

If the dishwasher isn’t filling up, then it may be draining too quickly. The float valve may also need to be serviced or cleaned. Usually, you need to remove the panel at the bottom of the machine so that you can clean the float.

Replacing valves of any sort is a tricky procedure because they differ from brand to brand. Certified technicians know how to help you with these repairs.


Is a Replacement Necessary?

If you perform regular maintenance on it, dishwashers usually last between eight and ten years. You may start seeing more and more issues occurring towards the end of your dishwasher’s lifespan. Our team will provide a proper assessment of the appliance and inform you whether repairing it is worth it or not. If it needs replacing, they can help you choose the right model for your household, as well as help you install it.

No issue is too big or too small for our team here at Nick’s Appliance Repair. Call us to schedule an appointment today.