Washer / Dryer Repair

Washers and dryers need the most maintenance out of all the household appliances. This is because they have multiple moving components that are constantly in contact with water.

If left unattended, you may notice your laundry piling up and causing you unnecessary inconvenience. Call Nick’s Appliance Repair of Holland and set up a consultation.

A technician will be at your house in record time to service your washer and dryer and get them back in working order. With years of experience and skill under their belts, they will be able to offer you a long-term solution at a fair price. Whether your washing machine is leaking, or your dryer is not running, we can guarantee a solution to your problem.


Why are my washer and dryer malfunctioning?

There are so many things that can go wrong for your washer and dryer. It could be your drive belt that needs repairing, an inlet valve that needs replacing or a malfunctioning pump. We don’t recommend that you attempt any of these repairs on your own. These sorts of repairs require specialized tools that, often, only professionals have access to. Your DIY repairs could also lead to more damages to the appliances, resulting in expenses that you weren’t expecting. Our professional repair services can guarantee that your washer and dryer will be back to peak efficiency in no time.


Signs that your washer and dryer need repairing


Sounds That are out of the ordinary

Unusual sounds during the wash cycle can be traced back to the motor, the belt or the shock absorbers. You may also need to clean or replace the impeller or the motor. The noise can also be traced back to a frayed drive belt. This problem is easily fixed by replacing the belt.


Not Spinning

If you notice that the machine isn’t spinning, but there are no issues with the water supply or the drainage system, then the drive motor is failing. Where it is located within the machine varies between brands and needs to be repaired or replaced. For most dryers, the cycle won’t start unless the door is fully closed. Check the switch for any disruptions and, if the switch is not the problem, then you’ll have to look into replacing the entire door lock assembly.


Dryer Not Heating

Insufficient airflow is most likely to blame for this issue. An easy first step is to vacuum out the air duct. If this doesn’t change anything, the thermal fuse may have been accidentally flipped, completely cutting off the heating. The heating element, if it has been damaged in any way, will need to be replaced.


Dryer Not Turning On

This can usually be explained by a disruption in the power supply. The power outlet may be defective, or the wiring may be worn and frayed. If you suspect that a tripped breaker is causing the issue, you can check your fuse box. If this issue persists, then it may be a general electrical shortage. We can help you with all of the above issues.

If your terminal block has been compromised in any way, we can perform a live voltage test on it and then replace it for you.


Is a Replacement Necessary?

Washers and dryers, on average, don’t last more than thirteen years. Even with consistent maintenance and care, you will start to notice more issues as they reach the end of their respective lifespans. Our technicians will let you know if it is necessary to replace the units. They will provide expert advice on a new washer and dryer set for you, as well as install it.

Any problems you experience with your washer and dryer, we have the answers. We are proud to provide you with reliable and efficient services, all at a reasonable cost. Contact us today to get started.